First Post

I’ve been meaning to make a blog for sometime, in order to just get back to writing, like I used to do when I was younger. This would also serve as a project for me, as I am not too familiar with working with the web.

I’ve worked with Jekyll, for a bit, when I was making some changes on Rebel Tools, and it was pretty fun so I did consider using Jekyll for this blog. However, I chanced upon Hugo, which is a static HTML generator in Go.

I decided to go with Hugo as it is fast (way faster than Jekyll), and it seems cool to try out a new technology!

I decided to go with Hyde-X, an enhanced port of the Jekyll ”Hyde” theme, as it’s simple and looks clean.

It was pretty simple to set this blog up. I don’t think that this steps are in the correct order, but it worked :)

If you’d like to set up a custom domain, there are different steps to take if you were to set up as a project site versus as your main site. Do read up on GitHub for help with that. As this is a project site, I went to my domain registrar, added a CNAME record that pointed to with the blog as the host. I then went over to the folder named static and added a CNAME file there too.

And that’s basically it!

written by @MeNikhil

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