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Let me start this off by saying that I’m not a movie critic. I caught The Force Awakens the day it came out, even though I’m definitely not a huge fan. I’ve watched all the movies twice, but I don’t remember the model of the Millennium Falcon, or the name of Anakin’s owner back on Tatooine. I’m someone who enjoys the first three movies, plot wise, as I grew up on it, and cannot imagine not knowing Obi-Wan when he was younger or Anakin before he became a rage monster.

I have to say that I believe JJ Abrams was under a great amount of fan pressure while directing the movie, and he did very well. The Force Awakens was a good movie, although I wonder if Abrams relied a bit too heavily on the fan favorite characters from the previous movies. Darth Vader’s mask did not seem to add much to the movie. The flying scene with the X fighters destroying the ‘death star’ seemed all too familiar. And of course the Death Star v2.0 itself.

My only gripe with the movie was the casting of Kylo Ren. I did not feel the power from him. I know that this partly was because Kylo Ren hasn’t truly fallen, but Kylo’s voice and actions did not seem intimidating. Even Darth Maul, the Sith Lord that many people did not like, had more character. I hope the next few movies work on Kylo Ren a bit more, and shape him to be a worthy successor of Darth Vader.

I just had to air my feelings about those few things but the movie itself was great, and had everything I had hoped for (maybe more lightsaber action would be cool :))

Have fun catching the movie if you haven’t, but then you shouldn’t have read this.

Update: I have recently been contacted by a friend who informed me that I was looking at this wrongly. Kylo Ren isn’t a Dark Force practioner, or at least not yet. He’s more of a Dark Force fan, without real training. If we look at the above in this light, we can see why Kylo Ren appears ineffective.

(also, from my personal reflection, I wonder if it’s because of balance reasons. There is no strong practioner of the light side of the force and therefore as the force has to have balance, there cannot be too strong a force in the dark side.)

written by @MeNikhil

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