Dream Theater

Dream Theater has been my favourite band for a long time. These progressive metal/rock greats have time and time again pushed the progressive genre further.

Sadly for me, Systematic Chaos was, subjectively, their last good album. It seemed that Mike Portnoy, the band’s drummer and leader, realised that the material was not up to the usual standard on their next album, Black Clouds and Silver Linings, and thus decided to take a break, and that meant a split from the band as the rest of the members did not want to take a break.

There have been three albums since Systematic Chaos, and while each album has their gems, nothing has ever come close to Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence or Scenes From A Memory.

The Astonishing promised to be Dream Theater’s greatest work to date, with 35 songs covering the story of a dystopian future where there is no artistic creativity. I wanted with all my heart, for this album to be another Scenes From a Memory, but it’s not. I’m not saying that the songs aren’t good, but I feel that too much emphasis has been placed on the story rather than the music, which was what Dream Theater excelled at.

In any case, for people who do not like heavier songs, do check out When Your Time Has Come and The Answer and for those who do like heavier songs, do try out the entire album, from start to end, without shuffling. It’s definitely a majestic rock opera, but it’s not the Dream Theater I was waiting years for. Who knows, this might just be your cup of tea.

written by @MeNikhil

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